The recruitment of health care workers is a top concern for South Dakota providers. Caregivers are critical to the safety, service and support of patients and residents, yet many qualified people simply aren’t applying for these jobs. Visit our recruitment center for help connecting qualified workers to your organization.


Retaining a qualified health care employee can be as important, if not more important, than recruiting a new qualified employee. According to the South Dakota Health Care Workforce survey, two-thirds of South Dakota providers have had caregivers leave the industry for more money in other industries. Visit our retention pages to learn how to retain your best employees.

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AHA Workforce Center
Provides up-to-date models and research on care delivery, supply and demand of health professionals and clinical work environments.

Center for Workforce Solutions
Contains promising practices, ideas for key partnerships, tools to calculate turnover, presentation materials, fact sheets, LeadingAge member testimonials, podcasts, policy news and other relevant articles.