Career Advancement

The health care industry offers some of the best opportunities for career advancement. Individual organizations set the requirement standards for management and leadership positions, and requirements may be set by a specific career field (for example, a nurse needs an advanced degree to become a nurse practitioner).

Health care employers can recruit or retain employees by offering them support when it comes to professional development and continuing education opportunities.

For employers, the South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development provides technical assistance for training new and existing employees through the Workforce Development Program.

Continuing Education

Often times, careers in the health care industry require continuing education units (CEUs) for professionals to maintain their certifications. Continuing education sessions and webinars are most commonly offered by state or national organizations. To learn more about continuing education, it is important to first connect with your state or local governing board for a specific career.

Employers can assist employees in maintaining CEU requirements by offering available courses (in-person and/or online) and encouraging participation as well as assisting with membership dues to professional organizations that offer CEUs.

SDAHO and its affiliates provide numerous opportunities for employees to obtain continuing education. Current opportunities can be found on the calendar of events.

The following boards provide further insight to careers and continuing education/career advancement opportunities in South Dakota:

Professional Development

Professional development for health care employees can include leadership training, mentoring, bringing in speakers and webinars to introduce best practices and sharing other relevant information to one’s position.

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