Coloring pages

  • Health Occupations For Today and Tomorrow Coloring BookDownload and print coloring pages for students to color and learn about future careers in the healthcare industry.
  • Online “Coloring” Pages – Students can access color pages and use a web-based paint-like program to fill in colors on pages related to healthcare careers.
  • Health Careers Center Printable Occupation Coloring PagesDownload PDFs of coloring pages for elementary-aged students to color

Career planning

Teen Education and Careers in Healthcare – The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) provides resources for teachers to educate students about career opportunities in health care. The AMSA provides lesson plans, presentations, project ideas for activities, and a sample teaching script.

Oglala Lakota Healthcare Education Alliance – The Alliance is developing strategies to strengthen career planning to attract K-8 students into health careers. The Alliance developed a health careers opportunity summit targeting K-8 students, parents, educators and school board members to highlight career opportunities and discuss areas of improvement in curriculum to develop stronger health career pathways for Oglala Lakota youth. The Alliance consists of the following organization partners: Oglala Lakota Nation Education Coalition, Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board, South Dakota State University, University of South Dakota, South Dakota Area Health Education Center and the HRSA Denver Office of Regional Operations.

Did you know?
The College of Nursing at South Dakota State University conducts an annual “Why I want to be a Nurse” essay contest for fifth graders. Winners are presented with a small monetary award.