Additional Benefits

Flexible Schedules

The health care industry is not unique in operating 24/7/365, and thus employees are often scheduled for various shifts at various times. Offering flexible work options can assist a health care organization in recruiting and retaining qualified employees. For some positions, employees can be offered flexible hours, while for other positions, employees can select shifts that best fit with their schedules, or vary based on the week to accommodate their changing family schedules.

Job sharing

Job sharing can help organizations recruit employees who may otherwise overlook a posted position due to the required full-time hours. Even a simple note on a job posting explaining that the posted job may be eligible for job sharing could encourage more individuals to apply, including individuals looking for part-time employment and/or a flexible schedule.

To retain employees who may be experiencing changes in their personal life or working towards continuing their education, an employer can offer an opportunity to job share a position to retain an employee. A job-sharing situation is not a cookie-cutter solution but rather something that needs to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Job Supplies

Health care careers often require a uniform or other supplies that are unique to a position or organization (i.e. scrubs in organization colors and logo). Employers who require specialized uniforms can review their uniform offerings and research the need to provide reimbursement for custom uniforms and/or laundering services. Health care employers can ensure brand consistency and coordination by offering uniforms to employees at a free or reduced rate (some organizations may even choose to offer employee dressing rooms, with laundering services done at the facility.

Community Partnerships

Community partnerships can increase the appeal of a position within a health care organization. Community partnerships will vary from facility to facility and community to community, but some examples include:

  • A community garden
  • A partnership with a local wellness center at a free or reduced rate
  • A partnership with the local pool to offer free or reduced rates
  • Discounts to local restaurants, stores, etc.

Child Care

As health care employers continue to try and remain competitive with other industries, one possible benefit is the availability of on-site child care. The added convenience of an on-site child care center with flexible hours that mirror typical health care shifts could be the deciding factor for a potential employee, or could encourage current employees to continue within their position. HR Dive provides a detailed report regarding the cost and benefits of offering on-site child care.