Career Ladder/Lattice

Career Ladder

Individuals looking to advance in their careers can turn to a career ladder to continue their education and advance their career. For example, a career ladder for nursing can involve this progression:

CNA > LPN > RN > BSN > Graduate Nursing Degree

Career Lattice

Additionally, individuals can choose to re-career by following a career lattice, or selecting careers in similar fields, but with different requirements. For example, an individual could work as a CNA in a nursing home, and then transition to be a CNA in a group home for developmentally disabled individuals. Some job requirements would be the same, but many would be different, yet the work still falls under the scope of work of a nursing assistant.

For many organizations, organizational structures are flattening, making career lattices more attractive to addressing growth and development. In these cases, the career lattice is replacing the career ladder.

The Prairie Futures program, sponsored by the MHCH Foundation, helps non-traditional students in rural South Dakota as they complete their post-secondary degrees (scholarships, tutoring, transportation, day care, mentoring/coaching, computers and lab equipment).

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